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Rare Antique Victorian Carved Basket Weave Breadboard

Rare Antique Victorian Carved Basket Weave Breadboard

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This is a very rarely available antique Victorian breadboard by George Wing, dating to around the 1860s.

While the board appears on the face of it a simple style, it is in a very rarely found basket weave pattern, where the horizontal strips are carved to mimic a basket, weaving over and under each strand. Only the most experienced carvers would produce boards like this because they involved a great degree of intricacy. And even then, mistakes were often made. Consequently, it was costly both to produce and purchase these boards. Renowned maker George Wing was known to produce them for silversmiths to use in their silver plated liners.

The wood has a light honey colour to it, which could be enhanced further with regular waxing. The electro plated liner platter is a very nice example, with a maker's mark on the back dating it to pre-1870 and with the mark for the firm Lee and Wigfull on its base.  The liner has a lovely floral pattern on its border.

This example is in good condition, with very few knife marks to the surface. Instead, there is wear to the edge from use. There are also a small number of old worm holes on the wood, but these have been treated. The liner plate has tarnished with age but this could be polished. It is nonetheless a stunning and very rarely available antique breadboard.

Diameter, 28.5cm (diameter of board, 19.5cm); Height, 2.5cm

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