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Rare Antique French Ironstone Mustard Pot - Dubosc

Rare Antique French Ironstone Mustard Pot - Dubosc

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This is a listing for a rarely seen antique French white ironstone advertising pot for “DUBOSC” mustard, dating from the 1890s.

Like all French ironstone pots, this is a sturdy and heavy antique advertising pot. It is a very rare subject, and the simple black Art Deco style typography printed across its middle is typically French in style. The text reads:

“Moutarde Fine de Dubosc vinaigrier 79 Rue de la Verriere, 79 Paris”

These old white ironstone French pots are very collectable, making wonderful display items which are also perfect for use as small bud vases.

Originally discarded, this pot has since been dig up from an old dumping ground. Despite many years underground, this French ironstone pot is in excellent and clean condition.

There are some odd scuff marks and also a small surface crack to the glaze on the top inside rim. However, this doesn’t penetrate through. The text, although a little faded, is still clear and recognisable. Overall, this is in very good condition and is remarkably clean.

Height, 13.5cm; Diameter, 7.5cm
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