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Rare Antique Chubby Frank Cooper English Advertising Pot - Early Version

Rare Antique Chubby Frank Cooper English Advertising Pot - Early Version

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This is a listing for the standard sized early Victorian one pound chubby Frank Cooper marmalade advertising pot, featuring an earlier transfer print from around 1870-1880. Please note the James Keiller pot featured has sold out.

Made by the Maling factory in Newcastle, these 1 pound "chubby" size English advertising pots are versatile and popular crocks, which are perfect for a variety of uses around the modern home.

Both the Frank Cooper & James Keiller companies produced their advertising pots in a variety of sizes, and this is the chubbier, standard sized one pound crock. The Frank Cooper featuring an earlier transfer with their High Street, Oxford address, which dates to the 1880s. 

The style of the transfers is typically Victorian, with the detailing of different typography for each line of print on both jars.

As most jars were discarded with common waste at the time, they often have discoloration and chips. However, this adds to their charm as highly decorative, weathered and chippy pieces. Both these examples show evidence of their time discarded underground.

The Frank Cooper pot has two hairline cracks, one across the front and the other at the back of the pot. Both are stable, though, and the pot is in a solid condition. There is crazing all over, which has stained in places.

Despite these flaws, it is still an attractive and rare piece that would look good displayed.

Height, 9.5cm; Width, 9cm
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