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Rare Antique 19th Century Breadboard - Wheat, Barley & 'C' Initial

Rare Antique 19th Century Breadboard - Wheat, Barley & 'C' Initial

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This is a very rare and scarce example of an antique Victorian breadboard, with a beautifully carved decorative border featuring wheat, barley, rosettes and a plaque with the initial 'C'. 

Antique English breadboards with such impressive carvings as this one are becoming increasingly difficult to source. This is a particularly rare example as it has been personalised with the addition of an initial. It is likely this was commissioned specifically as a wedding gift, with the addition of the couple's initial and the date - 1888 - also being carved onto the back of the board.

At well over 130 years old, it has obviously had some use over the years. Nonetheless, this example is in excellent condition. There are some notable knife and cut marks, but these are mainly focused in the centre of the board. The carving of the border is still very deep and crisp, with lots of lovely details. 

The board is also a large size and sits flat still. A great piece of antique kitchenalia, both for display and ongoing use.

Diameter, 30.5cm; Depth, 3cm

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