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Large Vintage FrenchBrain Coral Specimen

Large Vintage FrenchBrain Coral Specimen

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This is a rarely seen large piece of vintage French sea coral, found in France in the mid 20th Century.

A beautifully shaped item, it is rare to see these pieces of coral so large both in width and depth. They make excellent items to display as vintage decorative touches around the home. This brain shape is rarely seen.

This coral is in fair condition. The fine coral shards are quite sharp and delicate, and also a little brittle. Some of the edges have fallen away and are now an intrinsic part of the coral, sitting within it. There are also some small clusters where dirt has accumulated but, overall, it is white and very pretty.

Care is needed when handling this item. And while it will be packaged extremely carefully for shipping, please be aware that some small shards are likely to fall away in transit.

Length, 19cm; Depth, 17cm; Height, 9.5cm
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