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Large Antique 1920s Letter Stencil

Large Antique 1920s Letter Stencil

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This is a listing for ONE antique tin stencil in a letter of the alphabet. A total of 18 letters are available to select from. Please see the full range of available options when adding this to your basket.

Dating from the early 20th Century, these vintage stencils are much larger than those you normally see, and as such are an excellent decorative item to add to your home decor. The gothic styling of each letter is gorgeous.  

They can be used as props in different rooms on shelves or hung up around the home. They are also great as vintage props at weddings. Of course, they can still be used to stencil a variety of items. The possibilities are endless!

All the stencils are in excellent condition, with no breakages or cracks. They have all been used to some extent and therefore have some marks and scuffs from use. Some also still have remnants of black stencil ink. These are the 'E' and one of the available 'L's. There are also some black marks to the 'M'. 

Please ask if you’re also interested in purchasing multiple letters, as combined postage savings are available.

Length, 13cm; Width, 11.5cm

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