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French Antique Set of Six White Enamel Storage Canisters

French Antique Set of Six White Enamel Storage Canisters

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This is a very pretty set of six antique storage jars. Dating from the early to mid 20th Century, this set of enamel white and gold rimmed jars is very attractive with lots of faded charm.

The charming timeworn condition of this set is very sweet. Although there is some wear to them, they are still usable. The lettering and pretty gold decoration on the rims of these pots has varying degrees of fading but this patination adds to their appeal. And the colour combination of the gold labels against the pure white backdrop is very pretty. They carry a mark for B Freres, a Belgian maker, on their base which dates them to around 1920.

The set comprises:

Sucre (sugar). This has faded lettering and trim, plus some wear to the enamel around the lid and top rim. Some discolouration but overall in fair condition.

Farine (flour). In a similar condition to the Sucre jar, but this has more staining evident on the inside of the pot.

Café (coffee). This label is a little clear but there is more wear to the enamel on this canister, with a patch of oxidisation and wear on the bottom rim.

Pates (pasta). This too has a clearer label but there are more significant chips to the enamel on this piece, including a section of wear and oxidisation on the base rim.

Chicorée (chicory). In overall clean condition, with the least amount of wear to the enamel, the label is a little faded on this jar.

Farine (flour). The label on this is very faded but can be lightly seen. There is more wear to the enamel on the lid and top rim on this example.

Overall, this is a very pretty set still and is highly decorative.

Largest: Height, 19cm; Width, 12.5cm
Smallest: Height, 12cm; Width, 8cm

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