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Extra Large White Ironstone Banded Dairy Bowl by Boch

Extra Large White Ironstone Banded Dairy Bowl by Boch

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A very rare early 20th Century large white ironstone banded dairy or butter bowl.

Made by Boch Brothers, of Belgium, around the 1920s, this is a great large sized banded dairy bowl. Highly sought after by collectors, since they look fabulous on display, these large butter bowls are getting harder to find. It's an impressive display item, featuring a barrel effect around the outside and on the handles.

A bowl of this size would have been used for making butter in a large house or business. And the evidence is that this bowl has been well used and well loved. 

Most notably, there is a crack in one side of the bowl. This is mostly evident on the inside but also runs halfway down the outside (on the left hand side of photo 4). This is however stable.

There is also age related crazing which has stained through use of this bowl with dairy produce over the years, as well as scuff marks around the outside. There are no chips but you can see where the bowl has suffered a knock to the top inside rim on one side. 

In spite of these faults, this piece is such a substantial size that displays really well. It’s perfect for use with flowers or plants and also looks fabulous simply surrounded by other items of kitchenalia.

And its faults mean it is available at half the price it otherwise would be. Worldwide delivery is also fully insured.

Length, 40cm; Width, 30cm; Height, 14.5cm

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