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Deeply Carved Antique Breadboard - Wheat, Barley & Vine Leaves

Deeply Carved Antique Breadboard - Wheat, Barley & Vine Leaves

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This is a very rare and scarce example of an antique Victorian breadboard, with a deep layered decorative border featuring wheat ears and barley, vine leaves and a stunning rosette centre piece around its border.

Antique English breadboards with such impressive carvings as this one are becoming increasingly difficult to source. This example, with a very deep and frames rosette at the bottom of the board, was most likely intended as a wedding gift.

While the main section of the board itself has been used, with some knife marks also extending into the decorative border, the carving of the border still stands out in its depth and the detail. The carver has taken care to ensure the vine leaves are undulating, has layered the barley and wheat ears and has added a level of depth to the rosette which is very rare. 

This board has a very slight warp to it, and can therefore be pushed slightly down on either side. It is still usable though and would of course make a highly decorative feature. There are some scorch marks on one side of the board at the back, reflective of the fact that boards like this were often in day to day use in the kitchen, close to stoves.

A great opportunity to purchase a rare piece of antique kitchenalia which is a wonderful item both to have on display and continue to use.

Diameter, 31cm; Depth, 2cm

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