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Decorative Vintage French Plaque or Wall Hanging

Decorative Vintage French Plaque or Wall Hanging

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With a weathered and worn finish to it, this vintage French brass plaque is a highly decorative piece for the home. 

A brass piece, this plaque has had a later whitewash applied to it, which has been distressed, creating a very attractive feature for the home. The central scroll of the plaque has some small vine leaves upon it, which spread out on each side. It's a lovely feature piece.

In very good condition, there is some staining and wear to the brass at the back of the plaque but the front side has the lovely whitewashed finish to it. There is a small hole at the top of the central focal point of the plaque where this could be attached to a wall.

This plaque would make a great feature on a wall, whether inside or outside the house.

Length, 45cm; Height, 12cm; Depth, 3cm (at deepest section of moulding)

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