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Antique Victorian White Ironstone Scale Plate - Justitia Virtutum Regina

Antique Victorian White Ironstone Scale Plate - Justitia Virtutum Regina

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A great Victorian white ironstone scale plate made in the nineteenth Century. In good, clean condition, these ceramic platters look fabulous simply on display and they also make excellent cheese plates.

Made in the late 1800s in white ironstone, this scale plate has a striking under glaze black transfer print featuring Lady Justice and the logo "JUSTITIA VIRTUTUM REGINA". This translates to 'justice is the queen of virtues'. The print is still exceptionally clear and makes a very interesting feature.

The scale plate measures 23cm in width and 1cm tall. The ironstone makes it ideal for use as a cheese board or for serving up food on as a platter or ironstone slab, keeping the food at a cool and constant temperature.

The plate is in excellent condition for its age. There is one small firing dent on one corner of the plate on the underside but there are no significant chips or cracks. It is also remarkably clean given it’s age, with no crazing and just some light surface age marks and surface scratches, as well as some wear to the edges from where it has been held in place in a set of scales.
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