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Antique Victorian White Ironstone Dr Nelson's Inhaler

Antique Victorian White Ironstone Dr Nelson's Inhaler

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This is a listing for either a large or extra large example of the Victorian Dr Nelson's Improved Inhaler.

Both in excellent condition, these are both an impressive size and are fantastic decorative antiques to have displayed in the home. with their fabulously decorated black detailing and lettering. They look particularly nice used for fresh or dried flowers.

They would have once been a stock item in a medicine cabinet, used to help with respiration. The black underglazed transfer print is particularly noteworthy on both these examples, with different fonts used on each line of the name, including a hatched background for the Dr Nelson's brand name. The extra large example is a particularly impressive size.

Both in very good condition, there are no chips or cracks on either. The larger version has light crazing all over plus some mild staining on the side at the base. There are some minor scuff marks on the smaller version but overall it is a very clean example. They were recovered from an old Victorian dumping ground so there is still dirt and residue built up inside both of the inhalers. 

Extra Large Inhaler: Height, 19cm; Width, 15cm; Depth, 16.5cm

Large Inhaler: Height, 16.5cm; Width, 11.5cm; Depth, 13.5cm




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