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Antique Victorian Parnall & Sons White Ironstone Dairy Slab

Antique Victorian Parnall & Sons White Ironstone Dairy Slab

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An extremely rare and highly desirable antique white ironstone shop display plinth made by Parnall & Sons.

These ironstone shop slabs were used in grocers or butchers shops to proudly display the goods on offer. In the absence of widespread refrigeration, ironstone slabs such as these were used to keep goods, especially dairy products, cool.

Dating from the late 1800s, this example was made by Parnall & Sons, who were renowned shop outfitters at the time and produced a range of items designed to be used by shops to help advertise and display their products.

As the black transfer print is to the base, it remains in excellent condition and is very attractive.

Considering the age of this Victorian plinth, it is in very good condition, with no cracks or crazing. There are age marks, mild staining and nibbles to the edge and underside of the slab. Most notably, though, there is a chip at each end of the base of the slab, and on one of the supporting legs. However, as these are located on the underside they are not overly notable when the slab is on display. 

The slab is in remarkably clean condition, though, and is one that doesn’t become available for sale too often.

A fantastic display item which will also look stunning adorned with your own produce when hosting. 

Length, 39cm; Width, 24cm; Height, 2.5cm

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