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Antique Victorian English Advertising - Boots Sarsaparilla Larger Pot

Antique Victorian English Advertising - Boots Sarsaparilla Larger Pot

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This is a rare example of an antique Victorian ironstone advertising pot for Boots’ Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla.

Dating from the late 1800s, Boots was a national chemists which still operates in the UK today. They sold these pots of Sarsaparilla extract in two sizes. Although small in size, this is an example of the larger version.

The black under glaze transfer print logo on this piece is still very clear. The use of typography is delightful, and the pot highlights that this extract is a valuable Spring, Summer & Autumn medicine.

Although it is in clean condition, there is some damage to the pot. This is quite common, as most jars were discarded with common waste at the time. There is a hairline crack running down the side of the pot and across the base on this example. However, it is stable and the pot is still a very decorative piece, perfect for display. There are also some patches of light staining.

Height, 6.3cm
Width, 5cm
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