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Antique Victorian Bread Platter - Where Reason Rules The Appetite Obeys

Antique Victorian Bread Platter - Where Reason Rules The Appetite Obeys

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A rare example of an ironstone bread plate from the Victorian period. 

This bread platter dates from the mid to late 1800s, and would have proudly displayed home baked bread almost daily. The importance of bread as a core staple item then was shown in any mottos that might be found on breadboards and bread plates from the time. 

“Where Reason Rules The Appetite Obeys” is moulded into the surround of this platter in gothic stylised typography which is still very crisp and clear. The centre of the plate has a wonderful star decoration in its centre, with foliage surrounding it. The platter has a creamy colour to it, which is finished off with gilt edging. Standing on a small raised plinth, it’s ideal both for display and use.

This bread platter is in overall good condition. There are no cracks but there is lightly stained crazing all over, with some age spots and mild staining in places, although this enhances the timeworn patina of the piece. There appears to be a small chip repair but this is on the underside of the rim so isn't notable when on display. , but tight and fine, hairline crack on one edge.  This is only about 2cm in length. 

Length, 34cm; Width, 27cm; Height, 5cm

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