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Antique Stackable Wooden Egg Rack for Two Dozen Eggs

Antique Stackable Wooden Egg Rack for Two Dozen Eggs

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This is a listing for a late Victorian/Edwardian treen egg rack, dating from the late 1800s/early 1900s.

This English wooden egg rack dates from the late Victorian period or early 1900s, with capacity to hold up to 24 eggs on a single tier. It was common for these racks to be used in the kitchens of large houses, where many eggs would be used daily. In fact, in Downton Abbey, the kitchen had an egg rack the same style as this, although it did run the entire length of the kitchen island.

Of simple construction, this egg rack has a primitive and rustic style. It has received some repair work in its lifetime, with a supporting bar being added on the underside of the rack due to some splits occurring and joints loosening. But the repair works mean that the stand is now well supported and will have no trouble being used still. There are also a small number of old worm holes but these have been treated. 

In summary, this is a great piece of antique treen kitchenalia which is still perfect for use today.

Length, 34.5cm; Width, 20.5cm; Height, 7.5cm

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