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Antique Petrus Regout White Ironstone Drainer Bowl & Plate Set

Antique Petrus Regout White Ironstone Drainer Bowl & Plate Set

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This is a stunning and rarely seen example of a white ironstone berry drainer or strainer bowl, complete with its original matching drainer plate, dating from the early part of the 20th Century.

Carrying a mark for the renowned Dutch makers, Petrus Regout, this is an excellent example of a footed berry drainer bowl. With pierced staining holes unusually arranged in the shape of a star, this is a good sized piece. It’s perfect for use around the home to rinse fruit and vegetables and also to use as a compote dish or to display lemons and limes. The three feet on the underside are sculpted beautifully. The base plate carries the same moulded pattern around its edge as the matching bowl.

This drainer set is in very good condition for its age, with no chips or cracks. There is aged staining and crazing all over the piece, however, adding a unique timeworn patina and charm to the piece. This is more notable at the bottom of the bowl and on the surface of the plate, no doubt a result of where this has been used over the years.  

Diameter, 21cm (diameter of bowl, 19.5cm)
Height, 8.5cm
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