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Antique French Decorative Plaster Wall Hanging

Antique French Decorative Plaster Wall Hanging

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This is a lovely piece of antique plaster moulding, which has been turned into a highly decorative wall hanging, perfect for adding a rustic French touch to any interior.

With a hook pierced into the mould at the top, this piece of plaster has broken away from a larger decorative column. It has a worn and weathered appearance, which is now very attractive and this piece is a great way to add instant timeworn charm to your home.

There is a small crack on the surface of the mould towards the bottom, plus there are age marks, light staining and small holes from where this has worn over time. However, it is structurally sound and is lovely decorative antique.

Height, 19.5cm; Width, 9.5cm

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