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Antique Early 20th Century Wooden Egg Rack for One Dozen Eggs

Antique Early 20th Century Wooden Egg Rack for One Dozen Eggs

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A delightful treen rustic egg rack to hold one dozen eggs, dating from the early to mid 20th Century.

This English wooden egg rack has capacity to hold up to 12 eggs on a single tier. This more compact size rack is difficult to source.

It was common for these racks to be used in the kitchens of large houses, where many eggs would be used daily. In fact, in Downton Abbey, the kitchen had an egg rack the same style as this, although it did run the entire length of the kitchen island. These racks could also be stacked on top of each other in order to deter pests from getting their hands on precious fresh eggs.

Of simple construction, it has nonetheless been very well made and is a very solid and stable piece. The wood has a wonderful rich and deep patination to it. There is one old worm hole but this has been treated and filled.                         

In summary, this is a great piece of antique treen kitchenalia which is still perfect for use today.

Length, 26cm; Width, 20cm; Height, 4.5cm

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