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Antique Early 20th Century Oil Painting - Chateau Scene

Antique Early 20th Century Oil Painting - Chateau Scene

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A lovely example of an antique French oil painting, depicting the setting of a chateau, likely to date from the early 20th Century and signed by M. Desbourdes.

This is a nice of an antique oil painting on canvas, showing the grandeur and style of a large French chateau, in its original gilt edged frame. It’s a large and eye catching piece of art work which transports you to the French countryside. 

The painting itself is rather naive in style, with the side of the chateau appearing somewhat unfinished. But the rest of the painting makes up for this, with lovely detail of all the windows, trees and moated wall.

This painting also shows signs of age. There seems to be a small scratch running down the middle of the bottom half of the painting, where there colours have faded slightly. However, this isn't overly notable. More notable is the fading of the gilt colour of the frame, plus areas of loss to the frame and some old cracks. Both the frame and painting have gathered some dirt and dust on them over time. These features all add to the charm of the piece but it could be cleaned further.

Width, 49cm; Height, 42cm; Depth, 4cm

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