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Antique Early 20th Century Framed Watercolour Female Portrait

Antique Early 20th Century Framed Watercolour Female Portrait

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This is a gorgeous item, an early 20th Century watercolour portrait of a lady.

Sourced in France, but also framed in England at some point in its history, I am unclear whether the lady in this picture is English or French. It is a stunning painting, which has been completed in watercolour paints over a photograph. She is a beautiful subject, with the details of the dress, hair and jewellery really standing out. Encased in a gold painted wooden frame really adds a splendid finish.

There are some minor blemishes to the painting, and it doesn't quite fully sit within the frame, with a small gap at the top and bottom. However, the painted background blends in well so this isn't overly notable.

The frame has weathered and worn a little over time, with some surface scratches, scuff marks and odd paint blemishes. There is also some staining to the back.

Overall, though, this is a stunning piece which would really make a feature on a wall. 

Height, 36.5cm; Width, 30cm; Depth, 1cm

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