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Antique Deeply Carved Breadboard - Acorns & Oak Leaves

Antique Deeply Carved Breadboard - Acorns & Oak Leaves

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A stunning example of an early 20th Century carved English sycamore breadboard, with a clear and well defined border of oak leaves, acorns and barley. 

At the time this was produced, carved breadboards were extremely popular household items at the time, often given as wedding presents. This example has seen hardly any use, with just a few cut marks to the middle section. As a result, it is in excellent condition.

The carving on this board is still very nicely defined and clear. The board is very well carved, with oak leaves, acorns and barley all very clear. It also sits completely flat. The board has been cared for with regular waxing and has a rich honey coloured patina. 

Diameter, 29.5cm; Height, 2cm

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