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Antique Carved English Early 20th Century Bread Board

Antique Carved English Early 20th Century Bread Board

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A lovely example of an antique carved English breadboard, dating from the early 20th Century, with the word "Bread" clearly carved into its border.

This is a good example of a carved bread board, dating from around the 1920s. Carved breadboards were extremely popular household items at the time. Although this board has been used and the carving is a little faded, the hand carving of ‘Bread’ on its border is still very clear. This is flanked by simple wheat carvings which frame the motto.

This antique breadboard sits flat but can be pushed down on its side very slightly. There are numerous knife marks from use but, combined with the rich colour of the board, this adds to the patina of the piece. 

It’s a good size and is a very attractive and highly usable piece of antique kitchenalia.

Width, 28cm; Height, 2cm
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