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Antique 19th Century Large Swedish Wooden Cheese Mould

Antique 19th Century Large Swedish Wooden Cheese Mould

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This is a wonderful piece of Scandinavian folk art - a large wooden 19th Century cheese strainer with a naturally rustic and timeworn appearance.  

Designed for straining cheese, holes in the base and side of the mould allowed the whey to drip away. Originally painted in a rich terracotta brown colour, some of this paint has now worn away, creating a unique look. It's a lovely decorative antique for the home, either in its own right or perhaps to be used for potted plants.

Primitive in its appearance, the turned wooden bandings on the outside of the mould have suffered some loss and can be moved up and down the outside of the mould. These have also had some basic repairs in the past, with wire tying them into position in a number of places. Apart from this, though, the actual mould is in very sturdy condition and is a solid piece which has stood the test of time. 

Height, 15cm; Width, 24.5cm at widest point
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