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Antique 19th Century French White Ironstone Patisserie Stand

Antique 19th Century French White Ironstone Patisserie Stand

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A lovely example of a scarce white ironstone French patisserie stand dating from the late 19th or early 20th Century.

With a raised section in the middle, the purpose of this stand was to be used either in shops or large private houses to display individual cakes and custards that customers and guests could help themselves to.

They are now such desirable items to have and use around the home. They create a real centre piece or focal point for a table display and also are amazing items to have on display, perhaps as part of a kitchenalia collection, when not in use.

This stand is in very good overall condition. It is a very clean example with no crazing, cracks or chips. There are a few age marks and surface scuffs but these aren't overly notable. The base, which is unglazed, has suffered more staining over the years, and there is also a small stain to the base column, although this isn't notable when the stand is upright. 

Width, 30cm; Height, 15cm

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