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Antique 1930s Hygena Cabinet Household Wants Shopping List

Antique 1930s Hygena Cabinet Household Wants Shopping List

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A rare example of a 1930s metal tabbed household wants indicator, advertising the Hygena kitchen cupboard.

This lovely vintage shopping list was designed to be hung in the Hygena kitchen cupboard to keep an eye on the household goods needed for shopping. It is a fascinating insight into the household habits and spellings of the time, with 'plate powder', 'cocoanut', 'candles', 'dentifrice', 'whiting' and 'sweetmeats' all seen as common items for the weekly shop.

Made of tin, the indicator has a plastic coating and features advertising for the highly popular Hygena Cabinets. It has holes in it to be hung on the wall. Alternatively, the original string for hanging is also present. At the bottom it carries the patent number and the mark of 'Charles Letts & Co London', now known as renowned stationers Letts.

Like many of these, this example is missing one of its original tabs - for 'prune'. But all of the remaining tabs are in place and in full working order. Although they metal tab section has oxidised over time, the pillarbox red colouring of all the tabs is still very notable. 

There are some patches of staining and discolouration to the coating of this household wants indicator, as well as some rubbing to the edges. But overall it's a lovely example.

Height, 33cm; Width, 14.5cm
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