Antique Victorian White Ironstone English Advertising Pot – Plumtree Home Potted Meats, Southport

antique victorian white ironstone english advertising pot plumtree potted meats southport

This is a listing for ONE antique white ironstone pot for G.W. Plumtree Southport potted meats, dating from the early 1900s. A total of two are available to select from.

These are lovely examples of late Victorian/early twentieth Century Edwardian shop advertising in the form of white ironstone pots for G.W. Plumtree, based in Southport. They were used to sell the shop’s potted meats.

Both the pots feature large black transfer prints which are very clear still. Considering their history as throwaway items, they are in very good condition overall.

LEFT POT: This pot is in very good clean condition. Apart from some minor age spots and some small nibbles to the top rim there are no issues. It has the slightly smaller transfer print logo to the front.

RIGHT POT: This pot is also in good condition and has a larger transfer print logo. There is more wear to this pot with more nibbles and scuff marks to the rims, as well as age spots dotted across it. However, overall it is a clean example. It has also suffered a small knock on the base rim but this isn’t a structural issue and isn’t notable.

Height, 3.5cm; Width, 9cm

UK delivery included; international delivery £20 maximum depending on location.



£24.00 each


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