Large Antique Victorian Carved English Breadboard with Decorative Ivy Border

antique victorian large english carved breadboard sycamore ivy leaf decoration border

A wonderful large carved treen wooden breadboard, dating from the mid 1800s, oozing character with faded carved decoration, and a rich and timeworn patina.

This 19th Century breadboard is full of character and rustic charm. Although the carved border has faded over time through use, and there is an old repair where the board has previously cracked through the middle of the board, it’s obvious this has been a much loved piece. This is evidenced by the effort that has gone into repairing this board to ensure it could still be used.

The carved border decoration of an ivy garland, symbolised friendship. There would have been a motto framed at the top of this board, but this has worn through time. Nonetheless, the outline of the ivy can still clearly be recognised and has some definition around the border. Their faded appearance creates a delicate and charming timeworn effect.

This is a much larger board than most, highlighting it was likely made in the mid 1800s.

There is obviously some damage which has occurred to this board as the wood shrunk over time. This shrinkage caused a split in the wood, which has been repaired with crimped metal braces and has been filled in. The board is also slightly elongated, and has taken on more of an oval shape.

In spite of these issues, the board is still very usable. There is a slight warp but one side is raised by only 0.5cm.

It’s still a great piece of decorative- and useful – kitchenalia, which has years more use still left in it.

Width, 32cm; Height, 33cm

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