Large Early 20th Century Carved English Wooden Butter Dish with Ceramic Willow Patterned Liner

antique early 20th century 1930s large treen wooden butter dish willow liner

A nice example of a carved English wooden butter dish, dating from the early part of the 20th Century.

This carved wooden butter dish, complete with a willow patterned ceramic liner plate, most likely dates from the 1930s. It is in excellent condition, with the carved wooden detail still very crisp and sharp.

This example is slightly larger than usual, helping to ensure that the carved lettering on this piece is more notable. The willow patterned butter pat may not be original, as it doesn’t fit snugly into the middle section. However, it’s nonetheless still very usable and can even be removed while not in use so that the treen butter dish can be displayed upright.

These make excellent display items as part of a kitchenalia or treen collection, yet are also still immensely useful.

Width, 18.5cm; Height, 2.5cm

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