1930s Vintage French Glass Soda Syphon in Turquoise Blue

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A lovely example of French soda or seltzer syphon, dating from the 1930s, in a wonderful rich turquoise colour.

These French syphons were made in Czechoslovakia (with the maker’s mark – a hot air balloon – on the base), on behalf of drinks companies for bars, cafes and restaurants in France. This bottle was produced by G. Gonzales & Cie Cognac, whose name is etched into the collar of the metal spout.

The glass bottle is etched with the name of the cafe or bar which was a customer of the cognac company. In this case, A. Christinat of Cauderan, an area of Bordeaux in France. The cafe name is also engraved on the spout. The bottle has its original glass straw, which is still in tact. The date of production also appears on the bottle; it was made in 1938.

As with all antique and vintage items, this soda syphon does show some minor signs of age and wear. There is some internal light staining to the glass, although this might clean up with a bottle brush. There are also some scratches and small chips to the bottom part of the glass bottle. This is very common with these types of bottles, where they would have been knocked against other bottles through daily use.

Overall, though, this in lovely condition with the colour still very vibrant. It would look part on display as part of a home bar or barware collection.

Height, 31cm; Width, 10cm (at base).

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