Antique French 1930s St Amand Rustic Storage Jars

antique vintage art deco french st amand 1930s storage jars chippy weather french rustic style charm

A very sweet and cute collection of 1930s French green and white ceramic kitchen storage jars. While they do have some imperfections, they nonetheless make an excellent display item for the kitchen with a green checked design above the French label on each of the jars.

Each of the five storage pots bears the St Amand swan mark, with the text, “Nouvelles usines ceramiques du nord”. They are also each numbered 1-5.

None of the pots have their lids, so it would probably not be practical to use these for storage. However, the lettering and colouring on all of the pots is still very clear and they really would make a wonderful item to use for utensil storage or to put proudly on display, especially in a kitchenalia collection of similar colours.

Overall, the condition of the pots is fair. All of the pots have wear and tear, as set out below.

Farine – flour – this pot has nibbles and discoloration around the base, and some nibbles to the top rim. There is crazing on the pot and some blurring to the green transfer. Height – 15cm, Width – 11.5cm

Cafe – coffee – minor blurring to the transfer, some minor nibbles, discoloration and crazing in places. Height – 13cm, Width – 10cm

Sucre – sugar – minor blurring to the transfer, some minor nibbles, discoloration and crazing in places. A crack on the outside of the pot towards the base, although not penetrating through the pot. Height – 11cm, Width – 8.5cm

The – tea – a hairline from the top rim 4.5cm long, otherwise in good condition. Height – 9cm, Width – 7cm

Poivre – pepper – some crazing and nibbles to the base. Height – 7.5cm, Width – 7cm

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