Antique French Early 20th Century White Ironstone Advertising Pots for Dijon Grey-Poupon Mustard

antique french early 20th century sarreguemines white ironstone dijon grey poupon advertising pots

This is a listing for ONE antique French white ironstone advertising pot for Grey-Poupon Dijon Mustard, dating from the early 1900s. A total of three are available, in a large, medium or small sizes.

Made by Sarreguemines, these are sturdy and heavy white ironstone pots. I am always in awe of the quality and detail that goes into antique French advertising pots, and these little pots are no exception.

Considered throwaway objects at the time, these advertising pots have been uncovered from an old French dumping ground and therefore they do show signs of their age and history in their appearance. Overall, though, the double sided transfer print advertising for the Grey Poupon brand of Dijon mustard is still clear and visible.

The detail in these prints is astonishing, with a grapevine circling a shield on the front of the pot, and a ribboned banner around the top of the pot. Considering the fact that these pots were intended as throwaway items, the attention that went into the design of these labels really stands out.

Despite the fact that these pots come from an old dump, they are all in very good condition, with varying levels of staining.

LEFT POT: the smallest available, this measures 10cm tall and 6cm wide. With no chips or cracks, this pot has a crazed and weathered look, with discolouration and patches of staining.

MIDDLE POT: this mid sized pot measures 11.5cm tall and 7cm wide. This pot is in reasonably clean condition compared to the other two pots. There are some patches of crazing and staining, plus a nibble to the top rim at the top. There is also a more significant chip to the back.

RIGHT POT: the largest available, this pot measures 13cm tall and 7.3cm wide. In good overall condition with a rarer logo on the back, this has some crazing and staining all over.there are just some minor spots of discolouration.

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