Deeply Carved Vintage French Breadboard with Motto – Donnez Nous Notre Pain Quotidien

vintage mid century french deeply carved motto wooden treen oak breadboard give daily bread donnex pain quotidien

A wonderful example of an antique French breadboard with a very deeply carved motto, dating from the mid 20th Century, with a “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread” motto in French.

This breadboard just oozes character and charm, with a rich colour and patina. The carving of the motto is amongst the deepest I have seen on a breadboard, and is in a gothic style. It’s rare to see examples like this.

The motto is the French equivalent of Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread. It reads, “Donnez Nous Notre Pain Quotidien”.

This is a heavy and solid piece. There are some old but stable cracks on the back of the board but it sits completely flat and so is ideal for day to day use, as well as being a delightful decorative piece. There are a few small knocks on the cutting section in the middle of the board, as well as some knife marks from use. However, overall it is a highly decorative and rare piece which is in good condition.

Width, 30cm; Depth, 2.5cm.

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