Early 20th Century Nicely Carved English Treen ‘Bread’ Board with Acorns & Oak Leaves

antique early 20th century treen wooden breadboard acorns oak leaves

A nice example of an English early 20th Century deeply carved breadboard, featuring a framed ‘Bread’ motto, oak leaves and acorns.

While ‘Bread’ boards can be found relatively easily, it’s unusual to see them framed on the way the top half of this board is. It’s also especially lovely to have detail like the oak leaves and acorns at the base, which are deeply carved.

These English carved treen breadboards are becoming rarer and rarer to source, especially in good condition with the carving still sharp and deep like on this example.

Dating from the early 20th Century, the word ‘Bread’ is simply carved on the top part of the border. However, it stands out beautifully by being presented in a ribbon banner. The bottom half has deeply carved oak leaf and acorn detail.

The board has been well used, with deep knife marks from use across the main part of the board and on the back. As the board has been well maintained with regular waxing to the front side, these marks have mellowed with age and, overall, the board has a nice rich patina to it.

There is some damage on one side, where there is a split in the board approximately 6-7cm in length. However, remarkably, this hasn’t resulted in any warping and the board sits perfectly flat, meaning it’s a great board for day to day use. Given the colouring and overall quality of the rest of the board, the split doesn’t detract significantly. There are also a few old worm holes in places but the board has been treated.

Width: 29.5cm; Height, 2cm

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