Antique Early 20th Century Deeply Carved Sycamore Breadboard with Oak Leaves, Acorns and Ivy Sprigs

antique victorian deeply carved english sycamore treen wooden breadboard oak sprigs ivy berries acorns

A wonderful example of an English early 20th Century deeply carved breadboard, featuring crisp carving of oak leaves, acorns and ivy.

An early piece made by renowned breadboard makers Bramhall, it is likely that this subject was designed to be targeted at the wedding market, as a present for newlyweds. Since Victorian times, it was common for extravagant breadboards to be given to newly married couples. And Bramhall was instrumental in expanding this to wider classes in the early 20th Century.

These English carved treen breadboards are becoming rarer and rarer to source, especially in good condition with the carving still sharp and deep like on this example.

The top half of the board still has very deep carving, showing the layered detail of the leaves, ivy and acorns. The bottom half has barley ears and is framed by a ribbon banner at the base. This has worn a little over time.

The board does have a slight warp to it, with the top section raised by about 0.5cm. There is also wear and some marks to the main part of the board from use, and a small chip at the back. The edge of the board also has a scorch mark.

As the warp is quite small, this is still usable (albeit with a slight wobble) or makes for an excellent display piece as part of a kitchenalia collection. It is rare to find boards like these with such lovely detail still evident.

Width: 30cm; Height, 2cm

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