Antique Early 20th Century Timeworn Plain White Ironstone Onion or Cutting Board by Nimy of Belgium

antique early 20th century belgian plain white ironstone onion cutting board nimy

This is a listing for ONE antique early 20th Century white ironstone onion board.

Antique chopping boards this size served a multitude of purposes in the kitchen, for use for chopping onions and vegetables as originally intended, or as simple yet stylish small serving platters. Elegant in style, they also look stunning simply sitting on display.

Both these examples were made by Nimy of Belgium at the start of the 20th Century. They have both seen lots of use and have therefore gained a unique timeworn and weathered patina over time.

The left hand board has light crazing all over and patches of staining. There are also cut marks from use all over the board, which are most notable towards the edges. There are some nibbles to the glaze in places, and two minor chips to the glaze on the rear of the board. However, it is stable and is perfect for ongoing use or display. There is also a small fault at the top of the board above the hanging ring, where a small crack is evident. However, this is stable and has been there since the time it was produced.

The right hand board similarly has a number of cut marks on its face, which have stained over time. Again, this has created a unique patina. There are some nibbles to the glaze around both the front and back rims of the board.

Length, 25cm; Width, 13cm; Depth, 1cm

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